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Les derniers accessoires pour votre smartphone
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Designed for travel, handles practically anything
About Xtorm

Xtorm Power

Xtorm is a power-packed brand that makes high-quality power products that have been tested by millions of travellers around the world. Strong quality mobile accessories that can withstand just about anything. With Xtorm, you'll always stay charged.

Xtorm has its origins in the travel industry. Durable travel accessories are one of the most difficult products to manufacture. Travel accessories demand high quality, durability and ease of use.

Xtorm - Powerbanks Go Series

Xtorm Powerbanks Go Series

The powerbank has two powerful outputs so that you can quickly charge your smartphone whenever you need to. In addition to a normal USB port, the powerbank also has a 15 W USB-C port that can either be used to charge your smartphone or to charge the powerbank itself.

Xtorm - Powerbanks Fuel Series

Xtorm Powerbanks Fuel Series

The Next-Gen Powerbank is here.
Equipped with the latest technology and new features, this powerbank delivers next-generation charging speeds. With 2 USB outputs and an extra powerful 20W USB-C, you can charge your phone faster than ever before.

Xtorm - Powerbanks XB3 Series

Xtorm Powerbanks XB3 Series

The perfect travel companion
Thoughtful design, high-quality materials and first-class specifications characterise this new powerbank series. The powerbank is extremely user-friendly, making the XB3 the ultimate mobile charging solution.

Xtorm - Work Series

Xtorm Work Series

For your workspace
With our knowledge and proven expertise in power accessories, it is more than logical to expand our portfolio with workplace accessories. Especially in a market where the way we work is changing from one day to the next and the needs require reliable products that meet this change.

Xtorm - XP300 Portable Power Station 300

Xtorm Portable Power Station 300

The perfect travel companion
With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 300, you can survive anywhere without a power outlet. Plug in all your necessary devices during your camping trip or fishing excursion, or provide any party with the power it needs by connecting a speaker, lights and a cooler for a few cold drinks.

Xtorm - Xtreme Series

Xtorm Xtreme Series

Outdoor-ready products
Extreme products capable of powering any adventure you take. Power banks that allow you to quickly charge your mobile devices in all conditions.

Xtorm - Original Cable

Xtorm Original Cable

Stable and durable
These Xtorm original cables are designed to be the perfect everyday cable. Powerful, fast charging and reliable data transfer are combined with durable properties that enable this cable to withstand the wear and tear caused by everyday use.